“My Life” is done…..part one…

Wow this is too surreal for me.  MoRece stopped by my 9 to 5 and dropped off the master of my CD “My Life” hot off the Mobtown Studios machinery!  He’s done this a million times…. no biggie for him.  But for me it’s a monumental occasion.  I literally jumped up and down in front of my building.  MoRece laughed.  I don’t expect anyone to understand.  I hold a piece of my spirit and my soul in my hand….on this dinky little CD.  This is everything I have written, cried over, smiled about, and lived for the past 9 years.

I didn’t play it right away….waited till I got off work to listen in the car.  So many things running through my head.  Are people gonna listen to it and understand the depth of what created these songs?  Probably not.  I’ve been writing this volume of songs since I was with my band in 2003.  There are sooo many stories behind each track on this CD.  17 tracks.  17 pieces of me.  All the songs flow beautifully.  I didn’t feel the urge to skip a track.  All of the songs kept me wondering what was next….and duh….I picked the song order!

Anyway I’m going to slowly talk about each song.  Some of you will be like yawnnnn but I know a lot of you are with me.  Feel free to read on and I welcome your comments.

The first track on the “My Life” CD is entitled “To Grandma”

I’m dedicating this entire CD to my maternal grandmother Edna Engle.  She played piano and sang with a small ensemble of musicians waayyyyyy before it was ever accepted that a woman lead a band.  She was well liked in her small town but she had big talent.  She was offerred an opportunity to join a musical group that travelled the world but she turned it down to raise her daughters.  My mom and my aunt.  She was a performer.  She played to the crowd.  I don’t know if she ever had the ability to write songs.  She died when I was a dorky teenager before I even knew I could write songs.  But she loved to play.  And she loved to get others to listen in and sing along.  That’s what she did best.  She is the one who would play whatever I wanted to sing when I was a toddler.  And she could play anything.  Even a song she hadn’t heard before.  She is the one who took me out walking in the snow and singing Christmas carols up and down the street when I was 3 years old.

She sparked the flame that still burns within.  She is the reason I am a musician.  She is with me….she is in every song.  I am doing what she wasn’t able to do.

The first track of the CD “To Grandma” is a spoken intro…then an actual clip of her playing the old piano in her house in Frostburg and me singing along like a maniac.  LOL I think I was about 2 or 3 at the time.  The quality is bad.  This was originally recorded on an old reel to reel tape recorder..probably in 1968.  My father years later sat a cassette recorder up next to the reel to reel and pressed record.  Creating an old school…super bad quality recording of  numerous clips of me singing with Grandma playing piano on a cassette.

MoRece…..magician that he is…..was able to restore a lot of this clip.  After the clip there is an acapella intro into the next track “Shining Down”.  “Shining Down” was written for and about my grandma.  And for anyone who feels that someone they have lost is still with them…and guiding them.

This is the first part of the CD.  I hope you all will stick around for the stories behind all 17 tracks!!!

Until next time…..

Janice B.

** extra factoid……originally the intro contained a super clear clip of me singing “I Wonder” from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty at the age of 4 years old.  We cut it out because it is impossible to obtain a mechanical license from Disney and I certainly cannot afford to be sued by them!!!!  Bummer!

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